Top ‘Warm Weather’ fragrances for the Urban Man

A lot of things fade in hot conditions. Talk about ice cream, chocolate bars but there’s no reason the perfume you use should be on that list. “Heat and humidity enhance natural sweat that destroys fragrances,” explains master perfumer, Francis Kurkdjian.

Smelling good in the summer or warm conditions takes a little extra effort, it’s hot and you’re sweaty but a solid fragrance is a great way to stack the odds in your favour. The only problem? A cologne that’s on-point in cold conditions can feel too heavy for the warmer months. Lighten up your fragrance stash with light, fresh scents that’ll last you all summer long.

Living in Ghana limits the amount of perfumes you can use. Our weather is naturally warm and getting the right fragrance to match the heat is essential.

Nothing says summer quite like the uplifting freshness of citrus fruits. We naturally associate them with the warmer months, but they are attributed to cleanliness too (hence the inclusion of so many citrus notes in cleaning products). Not only that, the smell of citrus keeps us alert –very handy when it’s hot and muggy outside.

One of the most popular fragrance categories, the appeal of citrus scents is their initial zingy freshness. It might not last long (citrus notes are famously volatile and short lived on the skin), but it’s ideal for summer.

The other type of fragrances that works particularly well in summer are those classed as ‘aquatic’ or ‘marine’ – in other words, scents that have a distinctly watery vibe or an echo of the sea.

Now let’s dig into the perfumes that make the list:

  1. Bvlgari Aqua – If there’s any aquatic fragrance you need to have in your wardrobe, this is the one. A good blend of marine and citrus notes perfect for the heat.
  2. Terre D’hermes – Not a typical summer fragrance because it performs best in colder conditions. Rated as one of the best male perfumes to come out in the past decade, This is a perfume that can be worn in the night time to a date and leaves a long lasting impression on a woman, your’e most definitely going to get a call back.
  3. Versace Eau Fraiche – A standard perfume in every fragrance enthusiast’s list, this is arguably the best Versace fragrance for a hot climates and summer time. It is clean, zesty with a subtle woody note. The masculine scent of Versace Man Eau Fraiche will help the wearer feel charismatic, confident, sexy, and modern . 
  4. Acqua di gio Profumo –   A great performer in heat. Acqua di Gio Profumo is very closely related to the original release, yet, feels somewhat more mature and sensual.  This fragrance is dominated by the salty marine notes and bergamot which gives it a summery aura to it. Think deep ocean waters, dark and mysterious.  Profumo isn’t a heavy type of scent but you’ll know it’s there. Also, it has really good longevity and will last throughout the day. To me, this is mainly a summer scent, as it will stand up and perform very well in the heat
  5. Chanel Allure Homme sport – If you are going to pick any Chanel fragrance for the summer, then this is the one. It has the performance of a beast and lingers all day
  6. John varvatos artisan blu – A citrus blend with accents of various spices and herbs, it will wear well to your summer music festivals and day parties.
  7. Acqua di parma blu mediterraneo – Summer in a bottle. This perfume house boasts of Italian lightness, style and craftsmanship. Even the briefest encounter with its enticing bittersweet notes whisks you lightly away to sunlight, blue waves and a warm breeze.
  8. Creed Virgin Island water – Think of tropical freshness when you take a whiff of this perfume. The opening with its bergamot, citrus, and the signature coconut set the tone. Think Pina colada, perfect for a sunny day.
  9. Creed Aventus – A notable mention. Half of you reading this should know the power and beastly performance of this fragrance. Perfect for the summer with the fruity notes of pineapple and citrus.
  10. Mancera Cedrat Boise – My second favourite citrus smell after terre d’hermes. A good mix of woody, fruity and citrus notes that lingers on all day leaving hints of leather and patchouli. Perfect for both day and night.
  11. Parfums de Marly Pegasus – With Pegasus, you keep getting hit with vanilla notes and don’t get me wrong, it’s far from smelling feminine. A unique blend indeed and a good choice if you love to smell sweet. The accords of almond and vanilla take it to a sweeter level and the fragrance sits in a bit of a higher register than the others. These accords are the focus of Pegasus and drive it for the duration of the scent.

Once you have the right fragrance in hand, consider the canvas. Kurkdjian explains that dry skin doesn’t hold scent well, so keep hydrated and treat the skin with deeply moisturizing lotions, even when the humidity is high. Mist skin like a pro: “Spray on the pulse points—the back of the neck and both sides of the carotids, the neckline, and the wrist,” he advises, “because it is where the skin is the thinnest.”

“Citrus notes fade very quickly, though they are the most refreshing,” Kurkdjian says. Instead, he suggests, go for strong florals, Asian amber, and Middle Eastern ouds—scents born in hot climes and tested through the centuries. “The hotter the temperature in a country,” he explains, “the stronger and heavier the scent is.”

May the blend of your cologne with the heat forever be in your favour!

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