The Transition

Here at the 7th Suavenue, the first and most important question we want you to ask yourself is this, ‘Am I ready to be a Gentleman?’. Once you’ve answered this honestly, the second question we want you to ask yourself is ‘Am I ready to let go of childish ways and allow transition to take place?’.

The transition from being a boy to a man and eventually a gentleman is a key period in any males’ life. With this transition comes growth and maturity. Although inextricably linked, these two entities are separate. This is because while you may grow and age physically, your mentality and style must follow the same process and match.

So, we ask you to ask yourself these questions about life’s essentials, and the same about another “life category” that actually, if not admittedly, is as important. Just as there is a time in which a man’s actions will progress from boyish to manly– as must his style develop from the worlds to his own. For most men decision making comes naturally, as we grow and mature at different points in our lives we make decisions to buy a house, a car, or even to get married. However, the decision to finally develop one’s own style, one’s own look is often forgotten or regarded as secondary, and this is exactly what we here at the 7th Suavenue want to change and help you with.

The leap into manhood is one of necessity. It’s quite a complex and sometimes difficult process to define your own style, your look, your scent and what sums you up as a man. Undoubtedly there will be some back and forth. It will take you a lot of self-reflection and some trial and error. You will have to find inspiration in many places, whether it be your father and grandfathers or current trends. It might take you finally realizing your style is not just for ‘her’ to like you but for you to like and admire yourself. However, what is certain is that as you feel comfortable in your style, you will become an inspiration to others, just as you had to find your own. In this way, you will become a leader, maybe even a connoisseur. Whatever the case, you will have made the transition.

There are some reading this who have already made this transition, some who are about to and need help, and others who don’t know where to begin, but whatever stage you are at, we hope you will relate with what this brand seeks to represent.

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