The Floral Shirt

The current “in-thing” for all casual occasions are floral and patterned shirts. Every guy looks great in them and they add a flair to any dull or boring wardrobe. However, when it comes to wearing floral prints, there’s an art to it. You have to remember to keep all your other pieces minimal and simple if you want to look suave and fun. Otherwise you could end up looking like you’re experiencing a life crisis on your way to Hawaii which is definitely a no.

Now more popular than ever, print shirts are a great way to add a cool, modern edge to your casual and formal fits. Small-scale geometric prints are a great place to start if you want to keep it subtle. Or if you’re braver, you could go for loud and bright colours and prints.

Flowery shirts can look stylish and on point or beachy and relaxed. So, to channel your inner  beach bum, here’s one way to pull off a floral shirt. Wear it open with a plain white tee underneath. This allows you to go for brighter and bolder prints as the loudness is neutralised by the T-shirt seen under the floral shirt. This is the perfect shirt to wear in the summer, to a festival or on holiday.

The second way to rock a flowery shirt, which we like to call “The Asap way”  is to choose a shirt that is fairly loose fitting around the body and keep the colours to a minimum. Leave a few buttons undone and match these with dark or light  chinos depending on the contrast and effect you desire. Tan bottoms usually works well for most floral shirts.



  • It’s important that you feel confidentwith what you’re wearing.
  • The floral print should be the main part of your outfit so style with minimal accessories.
  • Don’t always shy away from brighter colours, always pair them with a complimenting colour.

Floral prints should be worn with confidence, make them (and you) the centre of attention. Keep the rest of your outfit to a minimum with neutral and basic colours.

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