Grooming Tips for the Urban Man

This post right here is not merely written to state the obvious, but to remind you of certain habits we might already know of and to drum on it’s importance. Hygiene and general grooming should be held in the highest regard by every man.

  • Let your barber be your bestfriend – Visit him frequently, every fortnight at the very least. Use your discretion but the trick is to be proactive not reactive, have a regular place. I’m sure every man reading this has a barber he trusts with his hair’s life.
  • Know which hair products work for you and use them religiously.
  • Take care of your teeth – Brush, floss, clean your tongue every day and night. Taking care of your oral hygiene is a habit that benefits you and the people around you.It is a habit that will save you money in the long run and increase the chances for that kiss at the end of a date.
  • Trim the right way – Treating your pubic hairs is the most polite thing you could do for yourself and your partner. Just keep it neat and tidy. Top tip: keep whatever device you use for this sensitive task separate from what you shave your face with.
  • Shave regularly – Unless you’re trying to be a modern day caveman, facial hair of any length needs to be tamed and maintained if you want to be taken seriously. You don’t have to spend much on a beard trimmer, so pick one up from the 7th suavenue and get into a weekly habit of tidying up.
  • Treat yourself to a shaving cream without alcohol in it. Alcohol dries out the skin and can be hell for sensitive types. Read the ingredient list on your product if you’re unsure.
  • Wash your face before bed – Living in a city makes you prone to so many forms of pollutants throughout the day. Start the process with ice cold water before moving onto a light, alcohol-free face wash and remember to avoid moisturizing to give your pores a chance to breath a bit.
  • Keep nails trimmed and tidy –  Get a simple nail clipper and give your nails a quick trim once a week before you hop into the shower. Follow the natural curve of your finger as you cut, leaving the thin, white, unattached crescent of the nail about as wide as a dime. Just enough to still scratch your head. It’s important to keep your toenails trimmed, too, especially if you intend to wear flips-flops a lot.
  • If you haven’t already, it’s time you built up your scent collection. Having one everyday cologne is fine, but it’s nice to mix it up a bit for evenings and special occasions. Unless you want to lose your date, don’t go overboard on the spritzing. Remember the number one rule with cologne: less is more.

Most of these tips are common knowledge but it doesn’t hurt to have it reiterated. Don’t make anyone make you feel less of a man for taking care of yourself. We’re here to help.


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