Gift Wrapped : A woman’s perspective

What are some of the things that make our ovaries tingle? Hormones? Men? Both? Attractive men. Now, if I were to go around asking different people- I mean women because only they do have ovaries- what makes a man attractive to her, I will probably be unable to collate the results due to varying feminine nature. Luckily, you men have 7th Suavenue to spill the tea. If you’ve been wondering why you must always make the first move, it is definitely not because women are “hard to get”, you are just playing the game wrong. Playing your cards right, women will flock to you with ease, now you have to choose. Go figure. Ready for the tea? Okay pinkies up, let’s start.


First Key. Well fitted clothes. I cannot even begin to stress how important this is. The way your shirt fits is all the difference between a man and A MAN. Yes, I do want you to read that out loud with the intonations. Why are you wearing a size medium shirt if you are a size small? If the answer to that is preference, why is that your preference? Notice I did not say shirts too tight, I mentioned well fitted, as in, just right for you. Clothes that fit well don’t always have to be expensive. You can always go to a tailor to alter your clothes to fit you just the way you like, I do know a tailor in a corner of Osu that does a mean alteration, even to jeans! Nothing unattractive about a man in a good suit, not even one thing, unless he smells bad, which carries me to the next point.


Cologne. As a woman, I’m by no means an expert on the good names in cologne, but I’m happy to mention a popular few. Versace Man, Terre d’Hermes and Creed Aventus are a few of the good names. Trust me, you’ll wonder why women (even men) like to prolong hugging you. Your bro side hugs are going to start turning into full on embraces and women won’t want to let you go, trust us. Nothing like the 7th Suavenue touch. A whole new man. That smells better. Okay so far, we have well fitted clothes and good cologne, we’re well on our way to being the ideal attractive man.


Timekeeping. This is quite the funny thing to say because who still looks at their watch to tell the time? I don’t even think watches are made these days to tell the time. You see a Hublot watch, and you have to spend 30 minutes figuring out where the watch hands are and how they even move, yes, it is much simpler to look at your smartphone that boldly displays the time on your lock screen. However, we cannot forfeit this accessory. Without a wristwatch, as a man you cannot unlock the ultimate smart level. Your final form. Your watch doesn’t have to be expensive, just not childish and over iced. Yes, you do not have to wear the whole mine on your wrist. It just looks distasteful; we prefer smart over extra.


Shoe game. Need I elaborate? Wear nice shoes. We love them. Polish your shoes if they can be polished, clean your sneakers, nothing attractive about sneakers that look like they’re constantly on a hike regardless of their price tag. Try 7th Suavenue shoes, they speak for you. Volumes too. Your shoes are the heart of your ensemble, imagine a body without a heart? Non-functional.



I’d love to go on with this tea session, but our date must end or it may go on for too long. Watch out for another expose though, but in the meantime, go and get your dream woman with these. No need to send me a bouquet or a thank you card, I’m simply serving the people. You’re welcome.

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