So, since our last scentual guide to self-discovery , was a hit; we’ve decided to make this a regular thing and take your journey with us here at 7thSuavenue to the next level. We’re not only going to give you the WHAT and WHY on how to be the best version of yourself, groomed, polished and urban.  We’re also giving you the HOW by equipping you with ways on which you can match sultry scents to different events. Since it’s summer, we’ve created a scentual guide to smelling delectable yet appropriate at four main summer events.


First up, BRUNCH. What summer would be complete without brunch dates in aesthetically pleasing locations, cocktails and champagne?

The brunch date has made a comeback over the past years, with a vast majority of summer events being brunch parties. Ladies and gentlemen decked in clean summer colors paired with waffles and Veuve Clicquot? Sounds like heaven to me. Since brunch is normally shared between groups of people, we’ve suggested scents that would turn heads yet remain subtle.  Think soft yet strong simple tones. Terre d’hermes does just that.  This masculine and earthy scent opens with notes of wood, orange and peppery spices. Taking it back to the classics but adding a twist, Chanel Allure Homme Blanche is a powerful scent for a boss.  It has many layers and levels to it and should be worn in moderation as a little goes a long way. Featuring spicy aromas of black and pink pepper, before opening into fresh aromas of leather and sandalwood which gives it depth, this is a perfect brunch scent as it combines classy aromas with aromatic, vanilla bold tones. We’re going for Magna Carter brunch vibes, so it’s not just about dressing to impress but smelling to impress too.


This next event is more traditional to summer, the DAY PARTY/BBQ. When the sun comes out so do the BBQ and day parties that suspiciously always end up going on well into the night. This is a more relaxed atmosphere than brunch, it’s all about eating good, feeling good, smelling good feeling free. Versace Eau Fraiche assists with just that, with its Mediterranean quality with hints of woodiness to balance it out. It’s a perfect scent for a day party in tune with the vibe of summer and enjoyment. Touching on woodiness, it would be a perfect time to also introduce the Tom Ford Oud Wood into the mix. As Ford himself says, as it’s a private blend, it’s made with the ‘true fragrance connoisseur’ in mind. This is for the more adventurous men who aren’t afraid of bold and brave scent blends. Warm, woody and spicy, it’s sure to leave a lingering trail and turn heads but still resigns to the warm and relaxed vibes of a day party/bbq.  This last scent is for the men who don’t just want to turn heads but want everyone to know when they walk into the room. Creed Aventus is the ultimate masculine, optimistic fragrance. With top notes of blackcurrant, pineapple and Moroccan jasmine, it’s the perfect summer blend which will definitely convey to your audience that you mean business.


Any summer wouldn’t be complete without trips to the BEACH or pool parties, so we’ve got that covered. Just because you may get wet doesn’t mean you can’t start off smelling sensational.  The first scent on our radar is Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo. The name says it all, capturing the spirit of the Mediterranean and holidays, it opens with top notes of basil and sage, featuring lavender and jasmine middle notes. Mixed in with the saltiness of the ocean, this would be a dream pairing.  Described as ‘aromatic and aquatic’, Aqua Pour Homme by Bvlgari is breezy and beachy scent that features amber and mandarin. The citrusy but light notes are perfect for a long day at the beach and will have you smelling fresh and airy.


Last but definitely not the least, DATE NIGHT.  Summer nights are always perfect for cocktail dates and rooftop liaisons. So, we wanted to give you guys a couple of scents to wear on those intimate evenings.  A scent that encapsulates this is Tom Ford Black Orchid, it’s main notes are black truffle and black currant, comforting and delectable smells that will have her leaning in for another kiss.  Another scent that is sure to impress your date is Creed Green Irish Tweed. I love this scent becomes it reminds me of fresh iced lemonade. it opens with top notes of Iris and Lemon verbena with base notes of sandalwood, this will bring through that cool spring/summer vibe with a hint of woodiness and beachiness. As the longevity of this scent has also been rated top notch, it’s perfect for a long cool summer night. And finally, L’instant de Guerlain, with its warm yet masculine notes, this is a great scent for any man to wear when he wants to make a statement but not overpower. Opening with top notes of jasmine, cocoa beans and lavender, it will mix in perfectly with the African heat.

There you have it, four summer events with scents to match.  Don’t say we never gave you nothing. We hope this scentual guide to events can be your go to manual when you need a little bit of inspiration on how to complete your looks and fits this summer, and if you need help with that too, keep your eyes peeled because we just might have something special in store.


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