A (Scent)ual Guide to Self-Discovery

Tom ford said, ‘Good manners and good cologne is what transfers a man into a gentleman’. Christian Dior argued that ‘A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.’ When polled most men said the number one compliment they love receiving is on their smell. One thing all these statements have in common is not only an emphasis on the importance of scents but also the key part a scent plays in defining your identity. In your case, in defining the kind of man you want to be.  7thSuavenue was created to equip the modern man with the best tools and tips for the transition from boyhood to manhood, or simply put, for the journey of self-discovery. So, here’s a likkle guide to help navigate the jungle that is self-discovery, scents and the female mind.

Are you a Hugh Hefner? an infamous playboy. Are you a Denzel? the cool, calm and collected gentleman, or are you a Johnny Depp? the creative recluse. It’s important to ask yourself these questions when you’re picking a scent for yourself. Towards the end of the 19th century, the perfume market begun to expand rapidly. This came as a result of chemical discoveries which allowed abstract fragrance creation, thus allowing the creation of overtones and new synthetic notes. Comparably to scents, there are many elements and features that come together to make one’s identity.  The things that make us who we are tend to be complex and full of different tones and layers similarly to scents today. So, it’s important to know what kind of man you want to be before picking your scent, this way it’s easier to determine which scent communicates best who you are.

Are you manly, a musty and strong kind of smell? then maybe Emporio Armani’s Stronger Than You is the scent for you; or do you have sweet undertones and a lighter vibe? In that case Tom ford’s Black Orchid has your name written all over it. Do you like your presence to linger wherever you go? Then Cedrat Boise by Mancera could be for you, or would you rather be a more toned-down kind of gentleman?  If so, then YSL’s M7 Oud Absolu might be your star scent.  Once you’ve decided on these basic factors your journey of self-discovery becomes much easier and your destination will become much clearer.


Now, let’s talk numbers. What’s your budget? In this day and age, it seems everyone wants to smell and look like money. And yes, a lot of women go on about how they want a man made of money, but I appreciate that we’re all living on our own individual budgets, so it’s so important to decide what yours is and shop accordingly. Does your pocket have what it takes to confidently rock the Creed Royal Oud? or are you the less extravagant but just as suave guy, drenched in One Million by Paco Rabbane.  Take it one step further and let the ladies know you’re experienced in the Scent Saga wandering around dusted in Dior Sauvage; crisp, elegant and timeless. Or if your taste is more sensual, then in the words of my good friend, who says ‘this smells like sex’ maybe Red Extreme by Ralph Lauren is more up your alley.


For me the ideal man is a combination of all these things. He’s sexy and suave without being overpowering, he’s sweet when he needs to be but can handle his business. He’s complex but not complicated. He’s got layers, but you know exactly who you’re dealing with, he smells of sensuality and when he leaves the room I know he’s been there. If you’re looking to be that ideal man, then Terre d’hermes could be the final piece missing in your puzzle. What’s important to remember is that only you can decide your identity. You get to shape and mold yourself into exactly who you want to be and the way you smell is an important part of that. So, don’t rush the process and don’t rush the decision. Do your research, set a budget, figure out the kind of man you want to be, and I hope once you’ve done all of the above, this guide will be the final stop on your journey to self-discovery.


To all the Gentlemen out there,



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